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Seamist Remodel

This house in the Cordova Bay area was completely refinished inside and out. Seriously Woodworking was entrusted with the installation of interior trim and custom millwork pieces, as well as some exterior work. It was a real pleasure to work on this project, and we are seriously proud of the results!

Cordova Bay - exterior

We'll start out our tour with a view of the front exterior. Seriously Woodworking installed the custom trim.

Cordova Bay - entrance

Moving into the interior now - and taking in the custom millwork installed in the mudroom.

Cordova Bay - stairwell

In the stairwell, Seriously Woodworking installed wainscoting, the stair treads, and banisters. Here is a shot of the wainscoting installation.

Cordova Bay - stairwell

The wainscot panels completely wrap the stairwell.

Cordova Bay - stairwell
Cordova Bay - stairwell

A view of the newly installed treads.

Cordova Bay - stairwell
Cordova Bay - stairwell

The newel posts were installed prior to the rest of the banister rails.

Cordova Bay - stairwell

The finished banisters are both functional and beautiful.

Cordova Bay staircase
Cordova Bay - stairwell
Cordova Bay - vista

This house has a great view! Seriously Woodworking also installed a custom trellis, allowing the residents to enjoy their outdoor space in privacy.

Farmhouse Reboot

Some projects are close to your heart because ... they are your own house! Seriously Woodworking recycled the original structure while tripling our square footage with two additions. This labor of love turned out beautifully, and we couldn't be happier with the result. 

Farmhouse - beginnings

Our sweet but small farmhouse was in need of rejuvenation at the outset!

Farmhouse - beginnings

Excavation and foundation forms were a big step.

Farmhouse - foundations

Here, you can really see the outline of the expansion.

Farmhouse expansion

It felt great to see these extensions go up! In all, our floorspace nearly tripled.

Farmhouse - front

We carefully considered the style and proportions of the existing house when we planned the extensions.

Farmhouse - deck

We really wanted a deck for those summer nights! And we finally replaced that mossy roof.

Farmhouse fireplace

We hand selected rocks of a variety of different sizes for the fireplace project.

Farmhouse fireplace

We sorted the rocks by size, then carefully fitted them into place.

Farmhouse fireplace

The rocks are secured pretty tightly!

Farmhouse fireplace

We incorporated storage below the fireplace opening.

Farmhouse fireplace

The finished fireplace is a focal point of the new space!

Farmhouse kitchen

The new farmhouse kitchen is fitted with traditional cupboards with a modern feel and functionality.

Farmhouse kitchen

A shot of the crown molding in progress.

Farmhouse flooring

We reclaimed the house's original fir flooring.

Farmhouse flooring

After refinishing, the floors will last another seventy years!

Farmhouse completed

A view of our new home sweet home from the back ...

Farmhouse front

A view of our farmhouse from the front. It's a terrific place to call home!

Waves on Water

This property had a view to die for ... and Seriously Woodworking helped create a house to match! We carefully installed panelling over the complex curved ceilings, installed a custom banister, added tightly designed decking to the built in hot tub, cladded interior structural steel on curtain walls with finished millwork, and many other things. 

Oceanfront ceiling install

This house boasts a living space with soaring headspace, made all the more dramatic by a curved ceiling.

Oceanfront ceiling install

Our job was to make the best of that feature by covering it with wood panelling.

Oceanfront ceiling install

The ceiling looked fantastic even while under construction!

Oceanfront ceiling nears completion

Potlights punctuate the expansive surface.

Oceanfront window framing

We finished the window frames with wood to match the ceiling.

Oceanfront window detailing

It really pays when you pay attention to details!

Oceanfront staircase railing

Outside, we installed a custom banister on an exterior stairwell.

Oceanfront decking install

We created a custom styled deck around the hot tub.

Oceanfront decking

The deck is neatly integrated with the curve of the deck and hot tub.

Oceanfront staircase install

We also took care of the custom handrailing inside.

Oceanfront handrailing detail

Simple shapes can make for complicated joints! We think this one looks great.

Oceanfront finished entrance

Custom millwork surrounded the door and windows.

Oceanfront finished interior

The resulting interior is now worthy of this dramatic view!

Oceanfront completed livingroom
Oceanfront nearing completion

A view of the house as it nears completion. What a beauty!

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